• Guy Standing på RUC guystanding_200i

    Guy Standing kommer til Danmark igen og forelæser samt deltager i paneldiskussioner på RUC 7. – 9. oktober 2015. Programmet se sådan ud: October 7th 13.00 – 15.00. Global Dynamics Lecture Professor Guy Standing “A Precariat Charter: A Progressive Strategy for Globalisation’s Dangerous Class”. (cluster 5) Building 25.2 Auditorium. (cluster 5) October 8th 13.00 – 15.00. Seminar room  Bld. 25.3. Seminar on “Growth of Global Precarity and how to create a Solidarity Economy” by Professors Guy Standing and Research Expert Bénédicte Fonteneau (cluster 5) October 9th 10.45 – 12.45 Global Dynamics Lecture  Research Expert Bénédicte Fonteneau “How to construct a […]



Socialdemokratiets efterlyste projekt

Af Maja Kamilla Abildtrup Rydskov. I anledning af valget vil jeg sammenfatte min indstilling til Ubetinget Basisindkomst således: Ubetinget Basisindkomst er Socialdemokratiets efterlyste projekt. Hvis […]


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  • David Casassas and Jurgen De Wispelaere “Republicanism and the political economy of democracy.” 13. oktober 2015
    Abstract: Europe is experiencing rapidly accelerating poverty and social exclusion, following half a decade of financial crisis and austerity politics. The key problem behind Europe’s malaise, in our view, is the economic disenfranchisement of large parts of its population in the winner-takes-all-society. This article proposes that we examine the contribution of republican political theory as […]
    Karl Widerquist
  • Basic Income as the Core of the Economy 12. oktober 2015
    by George Spilkov Outline of a framework for Basic Income at the core of an economic model based on free market economy Adam Smith predicated his vision for a free market economy on the understanding that some constraints must be set in place to ensure all members of the society are self-sufficient and also, that […]
    Guest Contributor
  • Oren Cass, “Basic income won’t fix America’s social divide” 12. oktober 2015
    As researchers observe a growing income and social divide in the United States, some are calling for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) approach to remedy the problem. Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, argues in a Washington Post article that he does not believe a UBI is the answer to America’s social […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • Jonathan Coppage, “The terrible cost of universal basic income” 11. oktober 2015
    Too much reliance on the market or too much reliance on government both unravel societal bonds, argues American Conservative associate editor Jonathan Coppage. In a Washinton Post article, Coppage said even if a Universal Basic Income (UBI) seems reasonable, he thinks it would contribute to the dramatic erosion of civil society. The great compromise between […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • Roy Bahat, “To support innovation, subsidize creators” 10. oktober 2015
    One of the criticisms of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is that it would harm innovation because creators would be taxed to pay for the income of others. However, Roy Bahat, the head of Bloomberg Beta, argues in a Washington Post article that a UBI may actually have the opposite effect. A significant barrier to […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • PORTUGAL: New book from authors André Barata and Renato Miguel do Carmo released 9. oktober 2015
      Political activists and university professors André Barata and Renato Miguel do Carmo have publicly presented the release of their new book, entitled “O futuro nas mãos – de regresso à política do bem comum” (“The future in our hands – back to common good politics”). This has occurred in Lisboa, the past day 14th […]
    Andre Coelho
  • Basic Income NYC, “what would you do?” 8. oktober 2015
    This video was filmed by Basic Income NYC (the Universal Basic Income movement in the Greater New York City Area) on Basic Income Week. It asks passers-by what they would do with $1000 a month every month for the rest of their lives, and it receives some interesting responses.   Basic Income NYC, “What would […]
    Karl Widerquist
  • Matt Bruenig, “Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way” 7. oktober 2015
    In order to address the negative aspects of capitalism, governments have created institutions such as the welfare state. Even with these programs, Matt Bruenig, a researcher of poverty at the Demos think tank, said in a Washington Post article that a Universal Basic Income (UBI) may be the best approach to “secure freedom and prosperity […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • SOUTH KOREA: Seongnam City announced to implement ‘Youth Dividend’ 7. oktober 2015
    The City of Seongnam will gradually distribute a dividend to all young people between 19 and 24 who have been residing for at least three years. The post SOUTH KOREA: Seongnam City announced to implement ‘Youth Dividend’ appeared first on BIEN.
    Toru Yamamori
  • UNITED STATES: U.S. Department of Arts and Culture Sponsors Basic Income Grant 7. oktober 2015
    U.S. Department of Arts and Culture’s report, “An Act of Collective Imagination: The USDAC’s First Two Years of Action Research” recommends a universal basic income grant (BIG). The USDAC report highlights how artists under present policies have to acquire grant money for each individual project. Such a grant would be especially useful for artists to […]
    Barrett Young