• Møde i Malmø 6. december 2015 quantiga_velho_3

    Kom til møde søndag den 6. december og mød hovedpersonerne bag et UBI pilotforsøg i landsbyen Quatinga Velho i Brasilien Fra 2008 til 2015 gennemførte den brasilianske NGO ReCivitas, som står for revitalisering af medborgerskab, et revolutionært initiativ: De gav en sum penge til alle individer i et fattigt landbysamfund i delstaten Sao Paulo. Finansieret alene af private donationer gav […]



Er vi parate til at dele?

Fyns Amts Avis’ kronik 16. Sept. 2015 i forbindelse med 8th International Basic Iincome Week. Af Helle Wisbech. Vi har endnu ikke set en arbejdsmarkedsreform […]

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  • ROME, ITALY: International day for the eradication of poverty, October 17, 2015 28. november 2015
    Several initiatives took place throughout Italy on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, held on October 17 this year. A public event in Rome tackled the theme of “Equal social dignity”. A common document was signed by a number of civil society organizations and activist groups, including Basic Income Network […]
    Sandro Gobetti
  • Would a Basic Income ‘corrupt’ the poor? 27. november 2015
    In the 90s, the United States implemented some of the most far-reaching changes to welfare in modern American history. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans to “end welfare as we know it” and eliminate welfare’s supposed corrupting influence on the poor. Except the “corrupting influence” of government assistance never existed. A recent article by the New York […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • Daniel Raventós, The material conditions of freedom 27. november 2015
    The material conditions of freedom is an updated version of an earlier book (published in 1999) called El derecho a la existencia (The right to existence). This is a comprehensive volume about Basic Income (BI), dealing in a detailed fashion its definition(s), related theory, discussions about work, welfare, BI financing and typical criticisms of BI. […]
    Andre Coelho
  • First basic income create-a-thon in San Francisco a great success 27. november 2015
    By Juliana Bidadanure November 13-15, 2015, San Francisco. A group of basic income supporters joined forces for the first ever basic income ‘create-a-thon’. For those not familiar with the concept of create-a-thons, these are events where people from a range of professions meet up voluntarily to work and create something together. In general, they gather […]
    Guest Contributor
  • Alyssa Hertig, “How Bitcoin Could Make Distributing a Universal Basic Income Actually Possible” 26. november 2015
    As cryptocurrencies grow more mature, they may offer a method for providing a basic income to citizens across the globe, argues Alyssa Hertig in an article in Vice. Advocates like Greg Slepak, founder of Group Currency, believe that basic income has not yet been adopted on a large scale due, in part, to “government incompetence” […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • NEW ZEALAND: Basic Income activists on the rise in New Zealand 26. november 2015
    Activism for Basic Income (BI) in New Zealand is growing fast and gaining visibility. The new group BINZ – Basic Income New Zealand – is setting up actions to “bring the ‘universal basic income’ to the forefront of New Zealand’s public awareness”. It has been already formalized with an incorporation status under New Zealand law, […]
    Andre Coelho
  • Jack Smith, “Even Big Banks Think Robot Automation Will Lead to Further Income Inequality” 25. november 2015
    A report (pdf) by Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts that unemployment due to technological innovation could eliminate nearly half of all jobs in the United States. This will further exacerbate income inequality, as the potential $7 trillion in new wealth from technology will likely be exclusively controlled by powerful individuals. The report worries that […]
    Tyler Prochazka
  • ROME, ITALY: Finale of “100 days for a dignity income”, June 30, 2015 25. november 2015
    On June 30 this year, the Italian campaign “100 days for a dignity income” ended with a public meeting in Rome, with the participation of representatives from civil society organizations and activist groups behind the campaign, and several MPs. Basic Income Network Italy (BIN Italy), BIEN’s Italian chapter, was among the campaign organizers. 70,000 signatures […]
    Sandro Gobetti
  • ITALY: Basic Income Network Italy in parliamentary commission hearing about GMI 24. november 2015
    On March 26 this year, representatives of the Basic Income Network Italy (BIN Italy) were heard by the Labour Commission of the Italian Senate, one of the houses of parliament, about the possibility of introducing a national guaranteed minimum income (GMI). The Commission has been discussing this issue for some time, as various draft bills […]
    Sandro Gobetti
  • Rick Wartzman, “Startup CEO Loves Tech but Fears Millions Will Be Jobless” 23. november 2015
    Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase is optimistic about the future of the sharing economy, but also believes that automation will force many into unemployment. While speaking at the Global Drucker Forum, Chase advocated for a “basic income” in order to combat what she sees as inevitable job displacement by technology. While some believe that new jobs […]
    Tyler Prochazka